Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim.

The better you practice, the brighter your flame.

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Master your breathe, let the self be in bliss

Contemplate on the sublime within you

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Hello, my name is Nikita and I specialize in yoga and wellness as a state of being whole and blissful. I'm passionate about doing yoga as a tool for wellness, by connecting people to power of breathe, movement and change. I believe that that both the injuries and disease can be cured through yoga. I want to assist others to get to a state of just being. To be confident and comfortable with their bodies, thoughts and actions . Yoga for all will help you in weight loss, to improve stamina and to be fitter.

I teach all levels from beginner to advance including both slow flows and power flows-all of which have been dynamic and creative. In this pandemic I'm also taking online yoga classes which can help u to achieve all your fitness goals. I also take aerobics and pilates session. Including all three in your fitness regimen is a great way to improve your overall physical conditioning , build strength and flexibility

I'm happy to talk more with you about my group, private and online sessions.

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8 Yoga Poses to Stimulate Metabolism

Metabolism is a highly used word. In scientific parlance, Metabolism describes all chemical reactions of the body that keeps your system alive and functioning. For a deeper understanding, Metabolism is a process. It’s the way the body cells convert food into energy required for breathing, moving and doing everything to feel alive.

The Bliss Yoga

Six Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

The body has a complete mechanism to keep it healthy and internally clean but the modern lifestyle and feeding habits have become taxing on the overall health, resulting in sluggishness, obesity, stress levels and a host of medical problems. The advanced medical science is only beneficial in eradicating the symptoms providing temporary relief.

The Bliss Yoga

Hatha Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Taking the first step towards a sincere yoga practice can be quite overwhelming. With an array of forms and styles encapsulated in the science of yoga from traditional-classic-contemporary, assessing and further selecting the appropriate style is not easy.

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